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Pine UMC's mission is to be a place of worship, to fulfill spiritual needs and provide avenues of service,
so that Christ becomes a reality in the world.

We are A Church For All People and A Reconciling Congregation.

Come and celebrate Sunday worship service with us:
Nichigo (Japanese) Worship Service at 9:45 a.m. and English Worship Service at 11:00 a.m.


Pastor's Playlist ~ June 2015

This month, during the California-Nevada Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, I will officially complete my journey through the ordination process. I will be an elder in full connection with the United Methodist Church. It will conclude a process that took around 8 years - 8 years of interviews, evaluations, theological processing, and other paper work. I'm so glad that this faith community called Pine UMC has accompanied me along the way.

Every year the Bishop holds a retreat for the new ordinands. It's a time where he gets to know us and we get to know him. It's a time where ordinands are reminded of the meaning of ordination, where we are affirmed in our call to ordination, where we go over John Wesley's historical questions that were asked of Methodist clergy since the beginning, and where we get to voice anything churning within as we approach the ordination worship service.

The UMC affirms the priesthood of all believers, and not just those who pursue ordination as elders or deacons. Our denomination affirms that we are all called to ministry, to be participants with God in bringing into fruition the vision that God wills for all of Creation.

The UMC in policy, however, doesn't affirm the ordination of "self-avowed, practicing" LGBTQ people. Not yet.

Although our Annual Conference aspires to be one that is inclusive in ordination of LGBTQ people, and has voted to do so, there is still that fear in the back of the minds of LGBTQ candidates for ordination that such a policy could become an obstacle in pursuing fully their calls towards ordination.

It's funny that the ordination service and Pride in San Francisco happen in the same month. Those of us in the San Francisco bay area, we may not feel the discrimination in our own denomination. We are relatively shelter from feeling it in our ministry area. However, we must not underestimate the need for churches to be such safe spaces for LGBTQ people, when our own UM policy, which is built by bringing together global voices through democratic process, still discriminates against a specific group of people.

It is in matters such as these that the priesthood of believers is a vital one. The voices of lay people who keep our churches and, therefore, our denomination going are vital. To change policy, to speak out against oppression even as it happens within our own faith family, is ministry to which we are accountable as members of the United Methodist Church.

As we enter June, many of us have Chicken Teriyaki Bazaar on our minds. Some of us may have, in our minds, fixed ideas of how we are called to serve during this important annual event. Perhaps we engage in the same areas of service every year as CTB volunteers. But I wonder if we can be challenged to change it up a little bit this year by being intentional about the practice of our priesthood. How will you use this opportunity to practice your priesthood as an individual? How will we use this opportunity to practice our priesthood as a community of faith?

The CTB planning team has discerned a way of expressing their priesthood by affirming, once again, that we give 10% to a charitable cause. We have discerned and been moved to donate to relief efforts in Nepal through UMCOR.

This summer, as folks go on vacation or take trips to unwind, I hope we returned empowered and inspired to contribute to the healing of the world. And, more specifically, with General Conference coming up in 2016, I hope we can think of ways in which we can continue participating in the work of Reconciliation, the work of healing, in our own UMC, so that future LGBTQ candidates for ordination will be as free from any unnecessary fear as possible, that their place in our faith family and their priesthood be affirmed and grown, that all may be the disciples for the transformation of the world.

- Pastor Jeanelle

426 33rd Avenue
San Francisco, CA
USA 94121

Tel: 415-387-1800
Fax: 415-387-1801

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Sundays at 9:45 a.m.

Sundays at 11:00 a.m.

Combined English and Japanese:
1st Sundays or Christian Holidays at 10:30 a.m.


Sunday's Bible Study
9:30 a.m. in Shiota Hall
Every Sunday except Combined Worship Sundays
All are welcome!

LGBTQ Bible Study
Every other Wednesday
7:00 p.m. in the Lounge
All are welcome!

Prayer Music Meditation
Every other Wednesday
7:00 p.m. in the Lounge
All are welcome!

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