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Nichigo (Japanese) Worship Service at 9:45 a.m. and English Worship Service at 11:00 a.m.


Pastor's Playlist ~ April 2015

English-language Sunday Worship at Pine has sure changed since the addition of our Music Ministry Intern, Sammy Yoshida. Sammy has been experimenting with different styles of music - from swing, to rock, to reggae - in playing our familiar hymns from the United Methodist Hymnal and The Faith We Sing. He has also led us in a few Contemporary Praise songs, as well. I hope that his presence has enabled us to evolve our conversation around music ministry from it being about "contemporary vs. traditional" to being about "what is the appropriate song for this worship moment".

Our congregation has healing to do, even when it comes to our music ministry. There have been strong disagreements in the past around music that we, as a faith community, are taking on the hard and long process to heal from. It seems appropriate, during this Season of Easter - a time of new birth and resurrection and reawakening - that we take up the journey of healing.

Easter is a complex story to describe to those who are not familiar with Christian stories and Christian culture. However, everyone can understand healing, or at least the desire to do so. No matter where we have been in life or what station, we have all experienced healing. We experience it through hugs, through Western or Eastern medicine, through kind words, through those things that result in our breathing a sigh of relief, and even spiritual healing through forgiveness and compassion for ourselves. Healing is universal and healing should be the basis for church. The concept of Shalom, after all, does not merely mean peace without conflict, but the peace that comes as a result of wholeness, healing, and justice. This is the type of healing that guided and informed Jesus' ministry.

Worship Commission has discerned to explore the theme of "Healing Healers" for the Season of Easter - 6 Sundays. We will be exploring healing through story, through community, through food or our physical bodies, through action, through difference, and through love.

Sunday, April 12 we will be having our Wafudog booth at SF's Cherry Blossom Festival, so a short English-language worship with communion will take place at the booth. It will be a good time to experience working side by side as community and as a strong church presence in San Francisco.

For Easter Sunday, Michie has offered to be the point person to manage Easter lily donations. These lilies may be donated in memory or in honor of a loved one or celebration/milestone. These lilies will join the many flowers that will adorn our Sanctuary on Easter Sunday. At the end of worship, you may take your lily home or to a loved one's final resting place to remember God's promise of resurrection, of new creation, of life in its fullness.

Because a grant from the San Francisco United Methodist Ministry (SUMM) enabled us to have music ministry intern position, we are only guaranteed to explore together in this way for one year. Nevertheless, I am confident that in this short time seeds will be planted in how our congregation experiences worship, inviting us into new possibilities for Sunday worship, that we may be renewed to do the work to which God calls us in this world, here and now.

God, help us to recognize those places within ourselves that beckon for your healing. Help us to be gracious towards ourselves and others as we continue to mend those broken spaces within ourselves and our community. Help us to create spaces that support the ongoing journey towards wholeness. Help us to remember the resurrection that you make possible in places that seem dead and forgotten that we may come alive, daring to be your hands, feet, eyes, and hearts. Amen.

Pastor Jeanelle

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