Pine United Methodist Church offers three student scholarships to the community. Everyone is encouraged to apply but please read the qualifications for each of the scholarships below before submitting your application. The scholarships are offered to those who have been accepted to or enrolled in a four-year higher education institution or graduate school. All applicants must be active in the community and must be able to establish his or her financial need. Contact Pine UMC for applications. All applications will be accepted on June 1st. Deadline for the applications is July 1st. Please do not send applications before this time as they will not be processed.

The Toshi Koba Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Toshi Koba Memorial Scholarhsip Fund was established in 1983 by the family of the late Miss Toshi Koba. The Fund was created to preserve the memory of Miss Koba by providing financial aid to young people of the Japanese American and African American communities. Miss Toshi Koba was born in San Francisco on November 20, 1909. She graduated from San Francisco State University with a B.A. in English and later with a degree of Masters of Social Work. Upon graduation, she worked for the YMCA until World War II when all person on the West Coast of Japanese ancestry were forcibly interned into Relocation Camps as a result of the Presidential Executive Order 9066. After the war she returned to San Francisco and began her work at Booker T. Washington Community Center. She would work there as a social worker for 32 years until her retirement. Her entire life was dedicated to providing loving and affectionate support and care for youth from both the African American and Japanese American communities in the San Francisco Bay Area. This scholarship fund enables her love and dedication to continue by supoorting youth in need and is awarded to students who are endeavoring to bridge the gap between the the various communities.

The Rodney Ishii Scholarship

Information forthcoming...

The May and Don Iwahashi Scholarship

The May and Don Iwahashi Scholarship was created by the children of May and Don Iwahashi. The scholarship is awarded to those students who are pursuing a degree in the Arts. May is a poet and Don is a painter and are still very active at Pine UMC. Both believe in the importance of art in everyone's life. This scholarship is limited to those students who are members of or are affiliated with the NCJCCF (Northern California Japanese Church Federation).